This is a first ever second review for me. I wrote about Darsenio Hunter (aka The Coach) when I first took his class a few months ago at my Home Base (Community Fitness). Since then, I have been taking his classes regularly once a week and recently starting taking his class twice a week. He continues to be an amazing instructor and coach. What I love most is that he is so creative that you never know what to expect and his exercises are so unique you will most likely not do them in any other class.

Last Friday's Boot Camp was so much fun I had to write about it. For the past few weeks, The Coach's Boot Camp starts with 9-12 different exercises that you cycle through in anywhere from 20-25 minutes. He starts the class by showing you all the moves and you move through them at you own pace for the 20-25 minutes. The exercises are complete, full body workout so there is some level of cardio and a lot of core and strength. What's great is he can take a typical workout like a push up and make it so challenging by making you do 10 power push ups rather than a regular push up. He will take a simple lunge exercise and add an extra push to open up your hips or test your balance. It's the little changes he adds in that makes a HUGE difference and the reason I love his classes so much. After these 20-25 minutes sets, he generally ends with two Tabata sets that are full on cardio and he does NOT mess around. Think eight rounds of jump squats or burpees with a twist. (Check out my insta: styledbysweatsea to see a video of the eight burpee exercises he had us do a few weeks ago).

But this past Friday took the cake. I'm not sure this class will ever be topped. We started with the usual 20 minute set of exercises that covered everything from power push ups, shoulder presses, core exercises and cardio. What was great about this week's class was there were several new moves for me (think plank to forward lunge while pushing out your hip), so it gave me a chance to slow down and focus on my form. And let me tell you, I DEFINITELY felt it. But the reason I had to write this review was of the way Darsenio ended the class.

Once we were done with the 20 minute set, Darsenio split the class in half and had the two teams stand on opposite sides of the room. We were going to end class with team relays. Each team member would run the full length of the room and back. There would be four rounds with the following exercises:

  1. Sprints
  2. Side Shuffles
  3. Backward Sprints
  4. Frog Jumps

My initial thought was this is going to be fun but not much of a workout to end class since we would be standing in line for the majority of time. I should know better. While we were in line, waiting for our turn, we had to squat. This ended up being about 3-4 minutes of squatting in between turns!

What I didn't expect and the reason I had to write this review, is the energy, the response, the true 'TEAM' unity it brought out of each and every person in the room. It was inspiring. As each person on the team had his/her turn, every other person on the team, while 'squatting' on the sidelines, was screaming, cheering and clapping. One of the many great moments was watching The Coach jump in anytime he saw someone start to struggle and run with them while encouraging them. I had a moment, when I was 'squatting' in line, where I realized this is the reason why I started my blog. I hope that everyone, regardless of their goals, their fitness level and where they are in life, finds a 'home base'  like mine. Where it's not about how fast you run, how much you lift and how good you look but it's about supporting 'your team', cheering each other on and knowing that someone like Darsenio will push you to your limits. 

THANK YOU, Darsenio, for always sharing your passion, your love and your commitment to helping us be better. We always find our inner athlete in your presence. 

If you haven't already, you MUST try one of his classes! You can find him at Community Fitness or Rival.