Visited a new studio last week and I still cannot stop thinking about my workout! Studio 45 was my first attempt at pilates and my first run in with the infamous Reformer. I wasn't sure what to expect and the cardio junkie in me was already trying to figure out if I could sneak in a quick Cycling class before work. 

Studio 45 is a bright, open space. There's no true lobby area which made it a bit awkward when I first arrived given there was a class in session. However, this quickly worked to my advantage as I was able to observe and mentally prepare myself. The slow and steady strength exercises made me realize I was going to be in for a real treat.

When the instructor realized I was new, she quickly walked me through the layout of the reformer and gave me an overview of all the key features. Given she had 5 minutes between classes, she was effective and concise.

Once class started, I knew I was in love. Within 5 minutes I was already shaking. With pilates, the slower the better. This required the multitasking Mom in me to stop thinking about what to pack in the kids lunches that morning and what key meetings I had on my calendar and focus entirely on my body. The workout ranged from planks to lunges. There were opportunities to incorporate arms with 2.5 or 5 lb dumbells but they were not incorporated into the workout in the sense that the instructor has specific moves she coached you through. By the end of the 45 minutes class I was already wondering when I could return for my second session and whether I would be too sore to walk the next morning. 

Thumbs up to Studio 45 for their gorgeous space and forcing me to slow down for once!


Workout Scale:

Cardio: 0/5

Core: 4/5

Legs: 3/5

Arms: 1/5