Saturday morning started with an event I had been looking forward to for a few weeks - Partner Boot Camp at the U Village Athlete led by my friend Jessie and her friend, Brittany. You know the Gym Crew and I never say No to a good workout together. Add in an opportunity to shop at Athlete afterwards and we were sold!

I had never been to a class at Athleta and was impressed at how they transformed the retail space into a studio. When you walked in, the room felt open and bigger minus one column in the middle. Fortunately Jessie and Brittany did a good job utilizing the space and working the room. There was a great DJ that set up at the front of the store near the windows playing pretty much every great workout song out there. 

As the name indicated, the entire class was based on partner exercises. Each set had 2 exercises. You rotated through each exercise for just under a minute and ran through the set twice. I was impressed with the number of creative exercises they had us do. It incorporated everything from tossing the medicine ball while doing side lunges to doing tricep dips off a partner's legs while the partner held a bridge. It was definitely a blast and time flew by. It helped that the class ended with energy balls, coffee and a private shopping opportunity at the store. The extra 25% meant I HAD to make some purchases!! Check out WOOTD this week to see some of my fun spring purchases.

Athleta often hosts these events on the weekends so check the board outside the store or join their mailing list through their website. And if you see Jessie Houghton or Brittany Love's name on the schedule, DEFINITELY try out their class! Thanks to our imagine hosts Jessie, Brittany and Athlete!! It was definitely a GREAT way to kickoff a Saturday.