Every year around the Holidays, Tricia does one of my FAVORITE workouts at the end of a Tabata class. I call it Tricia's version of the 12 Days of Christmas. It is, hands down, the BEST workout! It is so fun, you work HARD and you don't even realize how hard it is until you're done!

Tricia goes around the room and picks a member to pick an exercise. The entire class does that exercise once. Then, Tricia will pick another member to pick a different exercise. The class will then do the first exercise once and then the second exercise twice. Then, we pick another exercise and we do the first exercise once, the second exercise twice and the third exercise three times. This goes on until you hit 12. It is about 10 minutes of intense working out and depending on the exercises the group picks, it can be a cardio killer!!!!

I'm always impressed at the number of cardio activities we pick (we're all cardio junkies!!). The video above is from this year's workout. You can tell we were all tired by the end as the exercises became less cardio focused!

I love doing this workout with the kids or on vacation. It literally is one of the most fun things we do as a group and I love how you can find a way to include everyone's favorite workout!

2017's workout:

  1. One set of Split Lunge Jumps
  2. Two Jump Squats
  3. Three Star Jumps
  4. Four Knee Tucks
  5. Five Skaters
  6. Six High Knees
  7. Seven Froggers
  8. Eight Push Ups 
  9. Nine Plank Jacks
  10. Ten Sit Ups
  11. Eleven Fast Feet
  12. Twelve Bicep Curls