After 2+ years of tabata, running and cycling without a lot of stretching in between, my body has started to break down. Nothing major but lots of little things here and there. Sometimes enough to keep me out of the gym for a week.

My amazing Fitness Hero reminded me that yoga is the key to longevity with your workouts and recommended I start incorporating some classes into my routine. We all know that what Tricia says, you do! So a friend and I headed to Seattle Yoga Lounge in Greenlake. I had never heard of it before but my friend had been once before and loved it.

They offer free parking in the parking garage next to the studio. Loved that given it is a busy area. The gentleman working the front desk was incredibly welcoming and helpful. Even as regulars came in to check in and ask questions, he was able to work with me while fielding their requests. The waiting area is welcoming and they offer cubbies to store your belongings. However, once the class before you gets out, get ready, it is mayhem in the waiting area. Given the waiting area and cubbies are all in the same room, it is nearly impossible not to be in anyone’s way as everyone tries to get their belongings from the cubbies.

The studio itself was very hot which was a nice welcome on the freezing cold night. It was the perfect level of darkness and heat to force me to just relax, shut my brain off and go with the flow. As someone who has tried a few yoga classes here and there, I find it incredibly challenging to shut off, enjoy the moment and relax. The class, instructor and environment were the closest I have been able to do that. The instructor did a good job of helping us relax, coaching us through the moves and moving at a pace that was slow enough to help us engage in the pose but move through them quickly enough to prevent us from getting bored. As a yoga novice, I often become overwhelmed trying to figure out the move and if I am doing them correctly. Interestingly enough, I never felt that way in this class. I think the combination of the instructors coaching and visual poses (when needed) were the perfect combo for me. But the best part is at the end of class, the instructor walks around and give everyone a chilled lavender towel. The combination of the refreshing towel and the sooting smell of lavender is the perfect way to end class. I finished feeling relaxed, yet re-energized and excited to figure out when I could sneak in another class!

I highly recommend this studio for anyone looking for a yoga studio with a bit of variety (they even have classes that are focused on stretching out your body and recovering from more intense workouts).

Workout Scale:

Cardio: 0/5

Core: 2/5

Legs: 2/5

Arms: 1/5