My Fitness Hero suggested we go to City Sweats in Madison Park. I had never been but was curious after reading the website. Whether it's Hot Yoga or City Sweats, we all have heard of the benefits of sweating, releasing toxins and getting the 'glow'. So of course I had to try it! 

My time was limited so I only had time for one service. Most of the sweat related services are 45 minutes (City Sweats also offers massages and facials). I decided on the Infrared Sauna Wrap. The description promised to loosen stiffen muscles, decrease inflammation, balance skin tone and increase mental clarity. How could you not want to try this?!?!

When you first walk in, the check in/lobby area is small but adorable. You immediately feel a sense of relaxation and peace. Most of the spa is a 'no shoe' zone so when you check in, they bring you a basket to store all your belongings including your shoes. Ashlei and Kimani showed me around the spa and they were both very helpful and very friendly. The back room is set up with 4 different areas divided by curtains. One is a treatment room for massages, facials, etc. The second is the infrared sauna, the third the lymphatic drainage treatment and the last would be my room. The room was set up perfectly. The wrap is set up like a sleeping bag on a table with very comfy pillows. They have you stay fully clothed for the treatment so be prepared and dress accordingly. Ashlei had me climb into the sleeping bag and had me set up my phone and water in a hanging organizer next to the bed. They provide the water and recommend you drink the full bottle by the end of the treatment.

The room had a TV set up with Netflix or Pandora so you can watch shows or just relax. As someone who NEVER gets to nap, I chose the napping option and asked for some music. The plan was to zone out and check out for the next 45 minutes! Ashlei gave me a quick overview of what to expect. She said I would most likely not sweat for the first 10-15 minutes but then I would feel it. She showed me the call button in case I needed anything and then let me do my thing.

As someone who is always cold and given it was a cold rainy day in Seattle, I was loving the hot wrap. And it was hot. For the first 15 minutes I just enjoyed it. I probably didn't start sweating until about 20 minutes and once it started, it was intense. By about minute 35, I was starting to feel hot. Fortunately, that is the same time that they bring you a cold lavender towel to help you get through the last 10 minutes. I loved it and it reminded me of my visit to the Seattle Yoga Lounge. The last 5 minutes were definitely tough but I hung in there telling myself that it was also the last 5 minutes of peaceful bliss for me since I would be heading back to work and Mom duties. 

The spa offers a shower but I chose to head home and shower there instead. At the end of the service, they had a cup of tea and some orange slices waiting to help cool you down. IT was such a nice touch and a great way to complete the full experience. But what I loved more than the experience at City Sweats was how I felt afterwards.

For the rest of the day, I felt amazing. I felt full of energy and my mind felt crystal clear. It's unusual for me to feel so focused and not so frantic about everything. But something about the experience made me feel incredibly productive and focused. I LOVED it. And I slept SO well that night (also unusual for me) and had a killer workout the next morning. The after effects of the treatment were incredible. I was SO impressed. 

I know this is not a traditional workout review but I had to write about it given my positive experience at the spa and the incredible after effects. Whether you're looking to try sweating out toxins, get healthier, work some tight muscles or just get that coveted glow, you MUST go to City Sweats and try out one of their services. If you have any questions, call them in advance, they provide great advice on what treatments to try based on your needs and which treatments to pair together.

THANK YOU, City Sweats for such an incredible experience!!