Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am known for my sweet tooth and love of wine (specifically rose). I could literally eat chocolate cake and drink a bottle of rose every night and if I'm being honest, I often do. But the reality is, I'm well aware of the health impacts to consuming too much sugar and alcohol, especially on a regular basis. So with an upcoming trip to Mexico planned, I figured why not try a two week 'No Sugar Challenge'. Two weeks feels like the right amount of time and they say that if you do something for two weeks, it becomes habit! Fingers crossed that this works in my favor and does not end in a cake and rose binge!

The challenge officially started yesterday, Monday, 4/3. Day 1 was much easier than I thought but mostly because I was sick with a head cold and had no appetite. I spent most of the day drinking tea and water and was focused on getting better. This helped me stay distracted and the last thing I wantedtwas a glass of wine or dessert. Ironically enough, the hardest part was not being able to drink my favorite hot water with honey and lemon. 

Today is Day 3 and I am still recovering from the cold but the challenge has actually been good. I was disappointed at first that I couldn't have a cup of Emergen-C or a popsicle to help my throat but what I found was I was able to find natural remedies to replace them. Some of them weren't half bad. I made myself fresh ginger tea by shredding a fresh ginger root and seeping it in hot water for 30 minutes. I actually liked this better than I thought I would but think it would be much better with some honey. The other thing I did to replace the popsicle craving was freeze a bowl of clementine slices. Definitely hit the spot.


So as strange as it sounds, this cold has been a blessing in disguise for the No Sugar Challenge. There is no way I could have stomached any chocolate or wine over the past few days. We'll see how the next few days go. Especially since there is a Mom's Night on the calendar for tomorrow!  Wish me luck!!