As many of you know, strength training is hard for me. I know I need to do it and I want to do it, but I just don't get the same rush I do with my other workouts. So when I walked by Kettlebility on 65th, I thought, "Why Not?" We use kettle bells here and there in some of my Boot Camp classes so I thought it might be good to go to a class that focused fully on exercises that incorporated them. I also thought this might be a more exciting way for me to engage in strength training exercises.

When I walked into the studio, it was different from most of the other studios. There's no true check in area or front desk. There's a couch with a coffee table full of books and then a large space to the left and a large space to the right. There were two separate personal training sessions going on when I arrived so I waited until they were completed. Once one of the sessions ended, the trainer came over to help. I let him know I was there for the class and surprisingly, I was the only one there! I never say 'no' to a personal one on one session!

What's interesting, and I didn't expect, was that the studio focuses on form and safety first. So the 'Grove your Swing' class would not be about getting a workout  but more about coaching me through the proper form to do various exercises. The focus would truly be on perfecting my form. From there, he started with the basics of how to correctly lift and move the kettle bells. The focus being on protecting your spine and your back. Definitely helpful information and good for me to remember.

From there, we went into deadlifts. I was happy about this since I have been trying to get this right during Body Pump classes and can never determine if I am doing it right. Because I am used to doing squats, I tend to bend my knees earlier than I should when doing a deadlift. The good thing about having the one on one session with the instructor was he could watch me and correct every little thing. It was VERY helpful. 

We did a few sets of deadlifts and then moved on to kettle bell swings. I do these a lot in Tabata class so I was comfortable with the movement and the motion. What was different at Kettlebility was the instructor introduced the right breathing method which is entirely different in sound and form than anything I have ever done (cardio or yoga). The inhales are quick and short and the exhale requires you to blow out through your teeth more than anything. This is important as it allows your body to exhale the air in a form that protects your lower back. 

All in all, it was a good class for learning technique and form. They actually require that you take at least three of the intro classes before you test to move onto the next level of classes which allows you to take more of the traditional workout classes (think Boot Camp with kettle bells). So if you do go for the first time, do not walk in expecting to get a workout. Use it as an opportunity to learn about form and the right way to work with kettle balls.

Workout Scale:

Cardio: 0/5

Core: 0/5

Legs: 0/5

Arms: 0/5