The Pubelo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort offers six classes a day. From Boot Camp to Spin to Yoga and even something called Motion (which incorporates all the classes into a one hour session). So of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a class!!! Boot Camp is at 7:00 AM which was the perfect time for me after a night of mojitos and too many glasses of wine. One of my closest friends, Jen, was a trooper and dragged herself out of bed at 6:15 to keep me company.

When we got to the gym, our trainer, Alex, introduced himself and asked us if we had any injuries he should be aware of. Then he led us out to the balcony overlooking the beach. BEST view EVER for a Boot Camp class. I was so excited just to be outside and having an incredible view. 

We started the class with a warm up that included jogging in place, squats, lunges and jumping jacks. Then we moved straight into strength. Alex's sets were 3 rounds and included a 30-5-20-5-15 set up. Where the 5 seconds were breaks in between sets. Then he would switch it around the next round and have us go 15-5-20-5-30. Always tough mentally to start at 15 and work your way up to 30 seconds when your body was already exhausted.

The strength round incorporated biceps, shoulders and back with free weights. The toughest part about being a trainer at a resort or hotel is you do not know your clientele and have to improvise on the fly. Alex did a great job of doing this by providing us 3 options from easy to hard for each exercise he recommended. He also had a variety of weights available for us to choose from so we could adjust as needed. 

After the timed strength rounds, we moved into a cardio and strength round where Alex had us squat with weights and jump up with the low impact version being a squat followed by standing up. This was followed by a full cardio round where he had us jump over the risers with the low impact version being stepping over the risers.

After that we moved to the mat. This was actually my favorite part of the class. Alex had us do a full 10 minute core set where we did the same time format we had used for cardio and strength with different version of core exercises. IT started with 4 different forms of crunches followed by side planks with hip dips. It felt so good to spend a dedicated amount of time on core.

Then we moved back into Box Jumps and finished with a few more core exercises which included mountain climbers and plank walk ups. Some of my favorites!!

All in all, I was very impressed with the workout. Especially given Alex was not aware of our level and potential. If you're ever in Cabo, go see him!!!

Workout Scale:

Cardio: 3/5

Core: 3/5

Legs: 3/5

Arms: 2/5